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Remove number of words…

May 1st, 2010
Remove number of words at the beginning of string?

Looking for a function that you want to make string only return the last words within the strings? and remove number of words at the beginning Using C#

Windows Form Remove words

This function could help you:
        /// <summary>
        /// Return only last several words  and remove the number of words at the beginning from string.
        /// </summary>
        public static string RemoveFirstWords(string input, int numberWords)
                string[] Split = input.Split(new Char[] { ' ' });
                input = string.Empty; //After passing the words to Split - Empty in again
                for (int i = numberWords; i < Split.Count(); i++)
                    input += Convert.ToString(Split[i]) + " "; //Get Only the last words
                return input;
            catch (Exception)
                // Log the error.
            return string.Empty;
Use the function like this:
private void removeWords_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (stringToRemove.Text == string.Empty)
                MessageBox.Show("The String is Empty");
                int paramNumOfWords = Convert.ToInt16(numOfwords.Text);
                string returnOnlyLastWords = RemoveFirstWords(stringToRemove.Text.ToString(), paramNumOfWords);
                //Return Words
                MessageBox.Show("Return Words: " + returnOnlyLastWords);

Download Source code MVS version 9 C#

Desktop Application Icon

March 4th, 2010

Visual Studio .Net 2008, On Solution Explorer. Right Click. Choose Properties. Select Application, Look for Resources/Icon and Manifest,

Project Settings Visual

Browse for Icon you want for the release build.

Application With Custom Icon