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Sentai Themes

December 1st, 2006
Sentai I uploaded some music of sentais which are.. I remember watching when I was still in grade school like shaider, Bioman, Maskman, Jetman. When I hear their OST I reminisce my childhood which I am content watching TV, playing with my friends in the playground. Downloaded by my office mate at WebSolutionsMD Jeff Nuqui, Jepoi said the hardest thing to find is "Long Long ago, 20th Century (kamen rider black ending) " from the series of MaskRider Black that was Jepoi favorite... My Favorite is the OST from Bioman that was played every end of the show "Biomic Soldier". You can listen the mp3 OST of these setais by clicking here. ... you will also hear the funny song from Shaider its a (Fuma lay Ar) theme I think... titled Fushigi theme.

Sentai is a Japanese language word which may be literally translated as "task force" or "regiment". It is perhaps best known as the term used during World War II for an Imperial Japanese Army Air Service unit made up of two or more squadrons.