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PodCast Software

August 5th, 2010

A Podcast Desktop Application Software I created Last month for It reads XML data for podcasting also can insert new data within it.

More Description:

1. Browse The Previously Added PodCasts.
Description 1

2. Adding New PodCast - Select the MP3 file and automatically upload it, also update the XML with the new entry.
Description 2

3. Channel Settings - Will update some portion of XML data.
Description 3

4. FTP Settings - Here where you are gonna set the settings for FTP for upload, and also where is the XML file it should be reading and writing. You can save your settings via registry or saving it on a file.
Description 4

5. About - NonSense part :D.
Description 5

I'm trying to create a Java version for this, since my client uses Mac now.