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Premiere CS4 Export Video Problem

Premiere CS4 Flash Catalyst CS5 After Editing a video using Premiere CS4 , and try exporting the sequence I have - Adobe Media encoder pops out, and for some reason I couldn't find the sequence I was just trying to export. After few hours figuring out why - I noticed that the version on Media Encoder popping out is CS5. This Encoder came with Flash Catalyst cause I'm trying their Demo Version - which is very promising for Designers to be able to communicate and explain well to the Developers on how they want the site should function.

So what I did was just uninstall the Flash Catalyst since I was done of studying it anyway. And Everything worked fine, when I tried to export the Sequence I have on Premiere CS4 its popping out Media Encoder CS4 and finally I can see the sequence on the list.

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