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UIColor Color Codes

DigitalColor Meter Icon I Just realize how hard it was to just assign RGB Values color by code using UIColor, Well heres a little work around. Using the utilities in mac, which will you can find at Applications/Utilities folder. Open it.

DigitalColor Meter

Make sure you selected "RGB As Percentage", Use your mouse to move the cursor over the pixel you want to sample, and read off the values, once you got the color you want; press Command-Shift-H, This will hold the color values you got for the moment. Press F4 for Dashboard use calculator,

Dashboard Calculator

Divide the values you got to 100, for example R%: 78.8 = .788; Then you can finally put the RGB values on your UIColor parameter.


#define COLOR_FOR_THIS [UIColor colorWithRed:0.788f green:0.207f blue:0.271f alpha:1.0f]

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