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keytool and Android Maps

Using Maps on Android is quite hard to implement compare to Apple's iPhone and xcode development, it's really weird that Google have to make these troubles for their Android developers. You have to generate API key before you can use the map or else you are just gonna see tiles.

Map With iPhone Xcode(Objective-C) is simple to implement.
Android Maps

Map With Android Eclipse(Java) Not following instructions from Google Site will just show tiles.
Android Maps

Before you can generate API key for your android applications with map in it. You have to go and follow the steps, on windows I found out that the keytool is not recognized. keytool is one of Java tools,

Android Map

so the simple fix was just I browse down to my Java bin folder L:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0_07\bin and check if I have it there, then add it on the Environment Variables PATH, to make it easy for you to call this executable file while you are in the current folder of debug.keystore.

Android Map

So After Obtaining API Key I finally can see the Map on Emulator powered by Google Apis.
Android Maps Android Maps

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