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EdiMax – Broadband router

March 19th, 2009
If you want to show the page you are currently working on to your client, but have no time to upload and fix some settings on the remote site and you are using Bayantel DSL broadband - you can use your PC as the host and show the website you are working on.

To do this follow these instruction:

1. Go to Status > Internet Connection - See your IP Address - this IP is live and can be view remotely
Getting Obtained IP Address

2. Then go to NAT > Virtual Server >

Check Enable Virtual Server
add the IP and PORT number

for example in the image
Virtual Server

I use Port 80 for Apache
81 for IIS
3000 for Rails

To get your Local Network IP address, open your console command prompt and type   ipconfig 
Obtain Local Network IP

Testing Rails
Webrick Rails

Once you got disconnected, your IP address will change again just do the number 1 process again to obtain your PC new IP address.

Running Rails at 3000
Webrick RORails

Shifting from IIS 6 to Apache

May 20th, 2007
This week I was so very busy I have been put on a task where I am going to install on a dedicated server an Apache... this apache server must run on different port so while testing the new server we wont affect the current web server running which is IIS 6 and the vistors of the sites can still visit it. Where shifting cause of the rewrite problems, in IIS the company used ISAPI rewrite it enables the IIS to rewrite URLs o browsers... this is so important cause in SEO search engine prefer a clean URL. The problem is some syntax in htaccess mod_rewrite were not supported by ISAPI rewrite, we are using Joomla for CMS cause I know it a lot I installed OpenSEF an Excellent Component that does SEF magic for joomla. In apache this is so easy to handle but in IIS for me it is so hard so my boss given up and we decidedly to shift server... I have encounters lot of problem still shifting first running asp .net on apache, at first I installed Apache 2.2 I notice I could not install the mod_aspdotnet module... after throughly researching the cause... I need to downgrade to Apache 2.0 and It works. So I got everything working with dotNet but it doesnt support plain asp I still need to install mod_perl , and still lot of configuration to do with httpd.conf. Another Problem we may encounter is move the SSL certificate to the new apache server. This week will be a tough one.