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Premiere CS4 Export Video Problem

June 12th, 2010

Premiere CS4 Flash Catalyst CS5 After Editing a video using Premiere CS4 , and try exporting the sequence I have - Adobe Media encoder pops out, and for some reason I couldn't find the sequence I was just trying to export. After few hours figuring out why - I noticed that the version on Media Encoder popping out is CS5. This Encoder came with Flash Catalyst cause I'm trying their Demo Version - which is very promising for Designers to be able to communicate and explain well to the Developers on how they want the site should function.

So what I did was just uninstall the Flash Catalyst since I was done of studying it anyway. And Everything worked fine, when I tried to export the Sequence I have on Premiere CS4 its popping out Media Encoder CS4 and finally I can see the sequence on the list.


May 8th, 2010
Japanese Digital Teen Artists

作者:中西 倫子/nakanishi NORIKO

Thanks to Tomo-san letting me know that the music was done by SuperCar(スーパーカー, Sūpākā), The combination of music and the short movie is simply awesome - more at

Learning Maya

November 11th, 2008
Basics I've Learned... Reference Book Maya 4.5 (Savvy) old version of Maya. Software I used is Maya 2008

-Basic Object Modeling
-Basic Texturing
-Lightning the Scene
-Animating the Rocket
-Creating a follow camera
-Rendering the animation
-Basic Dynamics

Video Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Good Quality Render.

Friendster Overlay layout

June 18th, 2008

How to Overlayout design on your Friendster Profile?
[Express yourself further on Friendster]

Friendster Overlayout Screenshot

Ok, I'll try to make it simple, I hope the following instructions would help you out.


Friendster Overlaying -

knowledge in HTML/CSS/Javascript are required.

1. Create your layout(using Adobe Photoshop).

2. Slice and export it to html... edit your code using dreamweaver or any HTML editor that suites you.

   -Upload you HTML,Images on your web hosting.

   -Script Add-Ons

       The Images,CSS,Flash Media paths on your HTML code should be the absolute path of the URL like "htt://".

Script Positions

3. Copy your whole HTML code, Paste it below, Click Generate.

    -once generated, copy the code, Open your notepad; paste the code, save it as .js file.
    -upload your .js file in your hosting site, like geocities, freewebs, etc.

4. On friendster click "Edit  Profile", then "Click Customize"

   On "Add Media" Put the following code on Textarea.

<span style="overflow:hidden; height: 0px; visibility:hidden;" id="markloreto">
<b><font color="#ff6600"><!-- Your JS Path //--></font></b>
<style type='text/css'> 
          body{-moz-binding: url(; 
          top:expressio/**/n(function l(){ss=document.createElement('script');ss.src='';document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(ss)}l()); } 

If you want to try my js path copy this and replace <!-- Your JS Path //-->

Works fine on IE7 and FF2 for me, Doesn't work on Firefox 3... Check out my profile

HTML code before not converted

Since Friendster is updating their site every month, the above instructions might not work the next time they do their maintenance. Please visit the site for more information and tricks.