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Archive for November, 2008

Work Telephone: Paypal Sandbox

November 21st, 2008
Work Telephone: The phone number is not properly formatted.
And I'm only trying this for Registering  "Business Account" on sandbox.

This link would help click here

  Try using this format  xxx yyy zzzz (308 555 1234) to get past the code and get into the account. Then once in the account, you can update the account information to the correct phone number through Profile> phone number.

  Frank I.
  PayPal Certified Developer
  PayPal PayWatch Analyst
  PayPal, an eBay Company

The Social Security Number you entered cannot be validated.

This link would help click here

  A social security number needed to be added. This can be done by you, the number must start with '111'.

  Frank I.
  PayPal Certified Developer
  PayPal PayWatch Analyst
  PayPal, an eBay Company

Learning Maya

November 11th, 2008
Basics I've Learned... Reference Book Maya 4.5 (Savvy) old version of Maya. Software I used is Maya 2008

-Basic Object Modeling
-Basic Texturing
-Lightning the Scene
-Animating the Rocket
-Creating a follow camera
-Rendering the animation
-Basic Dynamics

Video Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Good Quality Render.

NFS 1 Bumper Look

November 8th, 2008
I Still love playing NFS 1, maybe because of its soundtracks... here is the last stage(111/112) against Melissa(Computer).

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Educational DVDs

November 4th, 2008
Educational DVDs/Magazine for FREE

image Free Educational DVDs and Prints from HHMI about science, I got mine through written request, please visit their site.
HHMI's Site

1. HHMI Bulletin, May 2008 (print)(1 quantity)
2. Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads (dvd)(1 quantity)
3. Science of Fat (dvd)(1 quantity)
4. The Double Life of RNA(dvd)(1 quantity)
5. AIDS: Evolution of an Epidemic(dvd)(1 quantity)
6. Evolution: Fossils, Genes, and Mousetraps(dvd)(1 quantity)
7. Potent Biology: Stem Cells, Cloning, and Regeneration(dvd)(1 quantity)
8. 2000 and Beyond: Confronting the Microbe Menace(dvd)(1 quantity)
9. The Genes We Share with Yeast, Flies, Worms and Mice (print)(1 quantity)
10. Scanning Life's Matrix: Genes, Proteins, and Small Molecules(dvd)(1 quantity)
11. Genes and Gender (dvd)(1 quantity)
12. Clockwork Genes: Discoveries in Biological Time(dvd)(1 quantity)